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S. Singh & Associates represents 15000 + clients since, its inception in 2009, cutting across different clienteles such as pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, confectioneries, biotechnology & biochemistry, agriculture, software, garments, building, power, energy, transport etc. Our clients consist of individuals, small and medium enterprises, public and private limited companies, multinational companies, corporates, institutions etc. S. Singh & Associates represents domestic and foreign clients in right proportion and provide customised services, so that our firm can cater to the individual needs of our clients. It is done in a way that our attorneys devote adequate amount of time to attending the demands of the clients, with all the responds that they solicit for and that brings satisfaction to our clients within required amount of time and with greater pace. Our firm achieves the above objectives with lesser cost incurred on our clients besides making them feel satisfied with our services. Moreover, our firm has a wider network of experts in the field to respond to various queries while addressing various issues of our clients.